How to find Ip address and Location of any FACEBOOK User ?

Have you ever thought of getting real location of any Facebook friend , you just know through Facebook?
got annoyed by person and want to locate him to know what the real deal is?

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                 To locate the person via IP address is shown in steps below

First step: You  have to find out the IP address of that User.
For that we'll be using “netstat” command in windows. If you want to find out the IP address of a specific people on orkut or facebook or any other chatservice, then there is only one way:

Just invite him for a chat and during chat is ON open CMD ‘Command Prompt‘ on your PC 

                                                             [   Start > Run>cmd   ]


note: before trying this close all the other tabs in browser. and only facebook should be open. and if possible delete history and cache of your browser.
When command prompt opens Type the command below mentioned and hit Enter.
                                                                    netstat -an 


And you will get all established connections IP addresses there. Note down all the suspicious IP’s

Second step : Is to Trace that user using  IP address.
For that  we will be using IP tracer service. Go to website mentioned below and paste the IP address in the box that says [  lookup this ip or website  ]  and it will display the location of the user.



It will display all the info about that user along with his ISP and a Location in MAP.
Now in the MAP Click on [  click for big ip address location  ] .
if you find any Suspicious IP or location for that user you can inform Facebook for action.

Other option for netstat commands:
-a :  It displays all the connections and listening ports.
-e : It displays Ethernet stats.
-n : It displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
-p : proto Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP.


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Anonymous said…
But it will give you Ip adresses of facebook servers, not of your friends or am I missing something ?
arjun vaishnav said…
actually you have to filter your ip-address first then remaining ip address will be the from the facebook chat whom to u r interacting
Shiv Rana said…
i am trying to do it,,,but in ma command propt window the following message is being displayed

"netstat-an is not recognised as an internal or external,operable orbatch file"
Vivek Baghel said…
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arjun vaishnav said…
before applying this just follow same process and copy-paste ip addresses and then after process again do it remaining ip addresses will be your result (required)... it workds really
Yeoj Samar said…
it will lead me to a wrong ip address, coz i try to trace a ip add of my fb frnd and yet the location was wrong coz she tell me where she at that time
jaysukh Patel said…
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elina said…
arjun vaishnav can i have a word with u plz,, i have some points to clear, very common ones
arjun vaishnav said…
yes elina email me
elina said…
i have mailed u,, hope to get response :)
ncoded said…
A very useful technique which I shall review at; thank you for the heads up. are you sure it is the client IP and not a FB IP? Did you review and test the technique?
Anonymous said…
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Imran Babar said…
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Waqas said…
Nice Post, let me know if the system is assigned with a proxy server, then how we ll find and locate the IP address of FB user?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

When in cmd i have typed netsat -an
and here are many ip addresses.
Just a thing, which ones do i test?
he foreign or local?
sanjith said…
Nice blog really helpful for those who dont anything about how to find the ip address of facebook users ..I followed the steps which you specified here and figured out the ip address of one of my facebook friend ...After finding the ip address i will do whois search for it using sites like here they will diplsay details like location ,ISP address ,name and so on ....
Anonymous said…
hello i really hope you read my message i have a real problem on my hands my girlfriends once best friend who took her life over bullying in her school has now had a fake account made and is threatening to harass her mother about the death pf her daughter Ive tried everything to track this persons ip address but cant seem to have the right soft ware, would you please give me the location of this account as i can warn her mother about it and let her deal with this and take the location of the offender to the police please reply would mean a lot.
Arjun Vaishn said…
m getting ur msgs , But i have told method just this i can do... anyways m developing more method to do so... that will be easy.
friend's first clear ur browser history and cache,,!
then type netstat in cmd ..!
there are number are ip's adrees apper's ..!
first check what is your ip adress from any ipadress checker websit...!
the othere one ipadress is the ip adress of ur frien..!
but some time it not work,,!
it is deficult :( ..
Anonymous said…
When I tuped the cmd, it said "the interface initialization failed:2". What does this mean?
Des Villon said…
i have a hater in my facebook and i want to know the location of that user, he/she used only dummy account, every time i block it. he/she will create a new other account. i have a clue if who is he/she but im not sure of it so iwant to know the location of that user. Thanks
atif habib said…
"the interface initialization failed" is appeared once you type "netstat-an" which is wrong, the correct one is "netstat -an" ; you need to place one space between "t" of netstat and "-an", now try

Anish VR said…
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