How to Get More Subscribers and Comments on blog ?

get subscriber and comment
Is your website conspiring against you?You may not be achieving the number of subscribers and the conversion needed to make your website profitable. With the goal that you can win more recurring readers and sales is that we share these tips!

The following post is a post by Arjun Vaishnav in which in his days he was posted on his blog. If you look at the recommendations and all the way the information is created, this is totally different from the features of this blog which has a totally different design.

How to get subscriber and comment 

No matter what design you have in your blog , we believe it is a good reference and more when we have a payment domain in which to offer products and services. At the end of the day everyone will create your web as best you think it is convenient or according to the possibilities you have in when investing in a quality template and one or another tool.

Designing Your Web to Capture Many Subscribers and Achieve More Sales

You already have a website and you even have a few daily visits. However you are not managing to get loyal subscribers, at least not as many as you want. You may think that your content may not be relevant to your audience. You should not be discouraged at first, perhaps your website is working against you. 

There are three key areas of your website that generate a lot of subscribers, and if you ignore them you'll be missing those valuable subscribers you deserve. 

Do not let that happen! 

1- How to convert your "About" page into a subscriber generator. 

I have to admit I love the "About" pages however, the reality is that most people create pages that make them lose valuable email subscribers. The good news is that the solution is very easy. 

Ask your readers for your email, and ask for it more than once. No, I'm not joking.Put several forms in different sections of your "About" page just like I do here in Abraham Laria and you'll be surprised how fast your list starts to grow. 

More specifically, this is the exact template that I follow: 

A) - Detail the content of your website and why it is important to your readers. 

B) - Mail form. 

C) - Examples of what your followers, readers or customers think of you. 

D) - Brief personal biography. 

I have to say that I did not invent this scheme (nor do I know who it was). But it is widely used by many of the most famous bloggers with excellent results. 

It's that easy. If someone visits your "About" page to know everything about your website there you have an email form. If what you are interested in is knowing what others think of you, you also have another mail form. If instead you want to know your personal history, another form of mail.
2- How to convert visitors into subscribers after they read your content? 

Let me make a quick guess. If someone reads all your content, from the beginning to the end, it is because you managed to attract their attention and because what you have written is in their interest. Do not? 

Perfect, good job! However a little known fact about people is this: 

When people finish reading an article, they unknowingly look for something to do next. 

Most pages show at the end of each article advertising or links to other articles, and it's fine. It is a way to generate some revenue or keep the reader on your website. 

However, if someone has read your article, from beginning to end without abandoning, It is obvious that you are involved with your writing and with the content of the article. This reader is in a positive state of mind and that is your perfect time to ask for your email. 

So what you have to do is very simple: It includes an email form at the end of each article (in our case we are not so insistent and we put it in the sidebar, possibly because we have only monetized with advertising). 

As you will have noticed here in Abraham Laria I have an email form at the end of each article. I do not usually recommend anything I have not tried before. That is all. 

I could include links to other articles to give them promotion but I prefer people to give me their email because that means I can keep them as loyal long-term readers. 

3- Remove everything that is not relevant from your sidebar. 

How does your sidebar look? Are you full of widgets, links, categories and advertisements? 

If so, your sidebar might be conspiring against you, which means you might be missing out on a lot of valuable subscribers on your mailing list. 

I'll explain. Here on my website the sidebar only has three sections: 

A) - Newsletter or mailing list. 

B) - Essential guides. 

C) - Popular articles.

When visitors see my mail form, they may not decide in the first instance to grant me their trust. The next thing you'll see is the "Essential Guides" section and "Popular Articles" and maybe you decide to take a look. 

So if you at first do not subscribe after reading the content you are more likely to decide to do so. 

The problem with this is that filling the sidebar with all sorts of things has become popular and people think this is fine. Not only is it a great distraction from your overall goal (which is getting subscribers) but it also gives the impression that you are desperate. 

I myself have been committing this mistake for years in my other cryptoner Blog . However my goal with him is not to win subscribers, Nor make it a business.So I do not pay much attention to the sidebar and its contents. But I can tell you that according to blog statistics since 2009 only three people have clicked on the Facebook widget, zero on Twitter and one on Google+ (the latter since 2011).The statistics are devastating. 

Even more. Have you ever seen any of the big and most important blogs with this kind of "distractions" in your sidebar? I'm sure not. Then you should start reviewing yours. 

A sidebar should have at most 4 sections:

1- Newsletter or mailing list. 

2- Guides, tutorials or resources. 

3- Popular articles. 

4- Advertisements (In the case of sites that use them). 

As I said before: 

If you already have some traffic on your website now is the time to turn it into loyal subscribers. 

So far the content of Abraham Laria. I hope the information helps you achieve more sales on your blog or website, it is proven that if we get more subscribers these increase. In addition to being amajor SEO factor to better rank your pages in Google by having a lot of recurring traffic which is a good sign of authority. 

To say that before starting an online business or outside the Internet it is always a necessity to do market studies and that way choose a good niche and then design the best strategies.

We know that there are many recommendations not included here, but also that you can make your contribution by means of a comment telling us what worked for you! Would you give us some good advice? A trick? What is your experience?