What Should be Used for Mobile App Building ?

How to Build Apps and select HTML5 or Native apps?


 With the growth of mobile comes the increased demand for mobile applications  and with the rise of mobile applications comes the question on how to build Mobile apps. At present the battle is between  Native apps and HTML5. There are different benefits and disadvantages to both, but it looks like it is going to depend on timing.

 As of current time building Native applications is the only way to go depending on a few key points – User experience /  Accessibility / Monetization.
User experience is the most important aspects of building an application and currently Native apps are winning this challenge. When building a native application you allow yourself to be able to build a better customized experience for your user base. Yes, you have to build individual applications with regard to various OS, but you are also not limited to restrictions decideded by cheaper mobile operating systems.
Monetization is also one of the top key aspects when building an application so that application developers can actually create an operating business togather with a revenue flow. With Native applications you easily able to add, and change prices on applications alongside add advertising. Many people are also now comfortable with these 2 revenue approaches.
At last Accessibility, your app should be able to be accessed very easily by the public. With the current app stores everyone can just search for you app right on their mobile. People have been “trained” to access their individual app stores for newest applications.

Now this isn't to say that HTML5 does not have any kind of benefits or opportunity in the future because it does!!! Even right now HTML5 offers some features that elude Native applications – Cost Efficiency /  Setting up for the Future / Developer Time .

When it comes to building applications it may get really expensive, specially if you must build multiple applications (that most people have to do). Every single app must be built in a different way depending on which OS you are building it for. This isn't the condition with regard to HTML5. With HTML5 you can build 1 app and it is compatible with all mobile platforms and also current web browsers that will save you a ton of cash.

Not only does it save you cash, however only having to build 1 app saves a ton of time for the designers. This means in the time it requires you to just build 1 of your applications, the HTML5 developer would've his app available for all mobile platforms. Not only would this free up lots of development time, but additionally will save time when making  bug fixes and updates.

Plus, how the present web browsers are moving it seems that HTML5 may win out soon on the web and will become even more common way of building for mobile applications. This means that at some point you'll want to switch over your Native applications into HTML5. If you simply build in HTML5 then you are setting yourself up for future on a platform that will only improve its  features and functionality.

So for me it's just a matter of timing. Presently the best is Native, but we may slowly see a shift over the following year or so to HTML5. I think it is best to provide your customer base with the best and that presently is Native applications. Some may don't agree as they have already started building in HTML5, but this debate is not even close to over and I cannot wait to see all twist and turns ahead.