Top 10 Android Apps To Track / locate Lost or Stolen Android Gadgets.

 Android OS serve as best Operating System available for Mobiles and also Tablets currently.
Because of   increased popularity of Android OS, various Android Applications are coming continually in the Apps Market ( Google Play ) either we talk about media players,utility, games, anti-virus or any security app.

Even if, Android gadget is lost or stolen or stolen by somebody then there're some very amazing Apps available in Android Market To Track Your Android gadget and catch the thief.

Here, I'm sharing you the best 10 Anti-Theft Android Apps that helps you in Tracking your lost or stolen or stolen Android mobile or Tablets.

1. Where’s My Droid App

Where’s My Droid is one of most powerful Android App to track your lost or stolen Android gadget. You just have to download and install this App on your gadget. After that, if your Android gadget lost or stolen oer stolen then by using this app, you are able to send voice message to your gadget, make it ring louder (even if it is in silent mode) by sending text code.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid have GPS system that helps you to track the gadget if you are not near enough to listen to your Phone’s ringtone.

The Pro version of this app also lets you to  capture screenshots and block phone remotely.

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2. Lookout Security & Antivirus App

Lookout Security App is basically the complete protection App for the Android Gadget. Along with basic or advanced level protection of your Gadget from viruses, malware, suspicious programs and  harmful websites, it offers “Find My Phone” feature to track your lost or stolen or stolen Android Gadget.

Lookout Security App

Just Login at your Lookout.COM account and from there your can take care of all things and track your lost or stolen or stolen phone. This App lets you  activates phone’s GPS Remotely. You are able to track your phone from its location on Google Maps app or site.

Also, you can trigger its alarm which ring very louder even if it is in Silent mode.
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3. Plan B 
Plan B App is a Lifesaver application if your didn’t have installed any Tracking App before the phone is stolen or lost or stolen . Plan B App uses Cell Towers ( service provider's tower) & GPS and then send your lost or stolen Gadget’s location to your GMail Inbox.

Plan B App

If your lost or stolen or stolen Android gadget is having GPS then it will activate GPS Automatically and notify you about its location in every 10 minutes of duration. For the Gadgets without such support, you possibly can text “locate” to your lost or stolen gadget and its location will be e- mailed to your GMail inbox.

 4. Android Lost App

Android Lost is the most powerful Android App which allow yous to to control your Android Gadget Remotely. Whether it's lost or stolen or stolen .

It have list of features of this Android App is : Read, Send/Receive SMS, Locate by GPS or Network, Erase SD Card (memory card), Start Alarm with Flashing Screen, Forward Calls,Get Call List, Take Snaps with Front/Rear Camera, Start/Stop WiFi, SMS Speak Command and many more.

5. AntiTheftDroid App

Anti Theft Droid App is also a very powerful Anti-Theft Android application which allow yous to to locate your Android gadget from Internet or GPS, then Activate WiFi Network, Audible Fire Alarm (with password to stop), Identify Exchange of Phone’s Chip and then it sends the location, Number, IEMI Number of new chip on Android Gadget.

Android Lost

Sent SMSs will not be listed in Message Application box. You can also Show or Hide App from the main list remotely. 6. Prey Anti-Theft App

Prey Anti-Theft App is an open-source app which is readily available for Android as well as Apple Gadgets. It's a one of the most downloaded Anti-Theft Android App in App market, it offers you all the tools that you will need to track your lost or stolen or stolen android smartphone or Tablet. It sends you GPS and also WiFi Geo-Location. You can lock your Gadget remotely and block uninstallation.

Prey Anti-Theft App

After sending “GO PREY” in all caps as text, login to your control panel where you can control your gadget. After marking it as “Missing”, you will receive notice about mobile, SIM Card change, send alert message, activate loud alarm. The App will be hidden and can be uninstalled only after entering password which you have to set.
 7. Cerberus anti theft

Cereberus Anti-Theft Android App is the full protection application to recover your lost or stolen Android smartphone or tablet. This android application allow yous to to recover your lost or stolen smartphone in three ways. First from your Cereberus Web Account, Secondly from SMS and also, it sends you alert wherever someone put unauthorized SIM card to your smartphone.

Cereberus Anti-Theft Android App

Along with easy and basic Anti-Theft Protection, this android app provides lot of unique features like record audio from microphone, wipe internal memory & SD card, get information about network & service area and much more other powerful features. 8. Anti-Theft Alarm App

Anti-Theft Alarm is best to keep burglars away from your smartphone. You just have to activate the alarm in App and leave your mobile on the table or wherever. If somebody moves your mobile an alarm will sound at louder volume.

Cereberus Anti-Theft Android App

It will only be stopped if you enter the  PIN which you have setted earlier, so the burglars or curious friends won’t be able to stop alarm. This app is very useful to keep your kids away from your Smartphone.

9. Find My Phone App

Find My Phone is a very easy and powerful to use Android Application to track your gadget, your friend or family members. This app supports lots of mobile network and is battery safe. After activating this app and authenticating its access from another Android smartphone you will be able to track your lost or stolen gadget.

Find My Phone

Locating a lost or stolen phone, locating a friend, tracing a friend, tracking a family member, locating each other on trips, avoid getting lost on trips , tracking kids on trips or daily activities such as going to the mall,  or get peace of mind.

10. Beacon App

Beacon App is a light-weighted and free android application. The app does not put any negative effect to your Android Device inn terms of battery and other functions. Beacon allow yous to to Track mobile’s Location, Remote Lock, Remote Rumble your gadget. 

However, there're a lot of another applications available at Android market that offer you to track your lost or stolen Android gadgets but these Android Apps serve as best, easy-to-use and light-weighted apps with lots of other supporting functions.


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