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 Firstly, what SEO article writers are not.
It is helpful to detrmine some terms, since SEO article writers are kind of very specialized breed. SEO means search engine optimization . And the articles we are talking about here are the type used for “article marketing”, which means they are used to generate free web site traffic

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Articles specially used for article marketing are usually between 250 – 500 words long. They have a ``bio box `` in or after the last paragraph, which points the visitor to a product sales page or a web site that has more detailed information.
Be careful of cheap article writers.
The quality of  article content for article marketing changes quite a lot, depending on the ability of the article writer. Some people try to save money and time by publishing “sheer” article. However they do not get good free website traffic  result : Google search engine doesn’t like them because they do not contribute useful content to the web.

 “Thin” articles are poorly written and researched content , have a lot of grammar and also syntax mistakes ,  are often just paraphrased from any other article directories. In the earlier days of the web, they pulled site visitors simply because there was so little content. Back then, every web-page & article was new and interesting, whether it was  written well or not.
But the internet has developed and matured. Websites and web visitors have become more complex. The battle for eyeballs and clicks has become more intense. When public is using search engines to search products or services to buy, they will click away from content which is boring or barely readable. This is exactly where a well written SEO article comes in.

What are SEO articles or SEO content?

First, your SEO article will be written for attracting targeted website traffic. By doing very careful keyword research for SEO, readers interested in your subject will be able to easily find your article when they will use search engines like Google or Yahoo orBing.

Compared to articles that aren’t optimized, your article will have high  search engine ranking. It'll show up in the top results of the search pages of search engine, because it’s optimized for the exact search words, or keywords, that your readers are using.

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For example, if you’re promoting “koi pond pumps”, your SEO article will have the keyword like “koi pond pumps” in its title and somewhere in its first couple of sentences.
Next, your SEO article will be  written well, with good grammar and syntax. These features are the basis for creating your website’s authority and credibility, which will examine whether or not your readers really fell comfortable following your recommendations.

A good SEO article will be very well researched, and provide interesting, helpful and entertaining information which is relevant to what people are searching for. They will  want to stay on the page and read what you  express. They will  want to look around your website for more great content, or follow your advice as a trusted authority.
Natural search engine optimization (SEO) is hands-free.
Really, a quality SEO article writer is an internet marketer ’s . Each article is a one time investment in long term free internet search engine traffic. Spend time (and also money) to do it properly, and your SEO article will work for optimization for months or years once you publish it, delivering free internet search engine traffic to your website while you golf or sleep.


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