How to Download Video from Instagram.

Instagram introduced feature of sharing short fifteen second videos recently. It is a welcome addition to the Instagram app that before it was the best known for sharing picture . Videos for Instagram has been a hit, and effectively been the worst nightmare of other popular short video sharing app Vine. Many Vine app users have already Unintalled and gotten rid of Vine already because of the extra functions and larger community that Instagram already offers.
Instagram- video-download

Now,  Instagram already the poplar way of sharing videos . There're several videos uploaded that you want to download. Since these types of videos are obviously not Youtube videos there is no download tool just as yet. However, we are  sure an Android app will come eventually which will download these videos for free, easily. Until that , here is a method how you can download any video from  Instagram.
I have tested this method in Google Chrome browser, and it was working.
Step 1:

The first thing You should have Instagram account obiviously. Now, select video to be downloaded. After selection,now open your Instagram feed on the web browser (advice: CHROME) on your computer. To do that simply sign in- Instagram here .
Instagram video download
Step 2:

Scroll and search to the video you want to download. You can identify a video by a small play symbol on the top-right corner of the cover image. When you find the video, you will see a small three dot menu sort of a icon on the extreme right hand side of the picture above the comments section

instagram video download
Step 3:

When you click  MENU button, a pop up will occur then you must select the option to ‘View Video Page’. A new Browser page will open, and now, Right Click on the page and from menu select ‘View Page Source’.
instagram video download
Step 4:

In source page , Press Ctrl+F, now find .mp4. Go to the search result .
instagram video download

 Step 5:

 Now you have to copy the entire File name of very first .mp4 file that the search result bought up.
instagram video download
Step 6: 
instagram video download
  • Now Open Bit.Ly.
  • Paste the link you copied from Page source to the Bit.Ly shorten field.
  • Press short url button. Now new page will open.
  • Simply right click on first link and select ‘Save As’.
  • You can save the .mp4 file on your PC.

Hope this tutorial will help you save those videos which were too good to just see once in  Instagram feed


Abmer said…
Thanks for yor sharing.
A new apps "Instagrab" are availabe for the users to download the videos and photos from instagram. It may be a good way and convenience for the users.