Want to Start New Blog : Here are 4 sources for New Blog Idea

Want to Start New Blog : Here are 4 sources for New Blog Idea

To build a successful blog you need to provide lots of good  quality contentand they must be unique. Regardless of your content in whatever form you need to always how do you have an endless source of ideas to create articles, make sure your blog is always a smooth operation.

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As a blogger I know what is the lack of content ideas to write, so I found to share with you my experience in finding ideas to write content. Here's where to find me when I fell into such a situation.

Yahoo! Answers

yahoo answers

Yahoo! Answers is a useful tool and is one of my favorite services. The reason that I love Yahoo! Answers is because It has lot of readers in the blog with different content on Yahoo! Answers I really find a lot of ideas to write. I find related catagories , find the latest questions and writing articles for the purpose of answering those questions.

The forums


 If you are trying to write new posts that you find lacking is the forum where ideas can be helpful to give you ideas to write articles as a forum where people have topics with same interest. You look for the common questions that people expect, then please post a reply to that question on your blog.

Any Popular blog

most popular blogs

 The best place to look for article ideas for me is the well-known blog on the subject with popular blogs. But idea you can  copy not content remember.

It is important that you do not copy their article, you will lose credibility with readers if you copy, further Google will be punished you sooner or later. Read their posts and, if you can write the way you like. Very bad in terms of SEO.

The social network

social media

 Le use your Twitter, Facebook, Google account follow some experts same fields you will get ideas from them.