Ten Common SEO Mistakes of Many Bloggers And SEO tips and tricks 2014

SEO Mistakes 2014 tricks


MISTAKE 1 - Ignore page optimization:

I think more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of on page optimization when it comes to their page rank. Despite so much focus on keywords and link building for SEO, I often see webmasters focus "Close" thing, they do not realize, "" their website is just as important, too heavy. Appropriate internal links, keyword density, LSI, image text, no follow tag, just to name a few, are also very important for search engines in terms of SEO. There are free plugins that can help you a lot, so do your due diligence and implementation of any strategic need.
MISTAKE 2 - terrified when the ranking is:
Go to any internet marketing forum and you'll see it every time. People literally terrified when they saw their rankings drop. In most cases this is because the one thing that we call “ Google dance”. All new sites through the so-called ‘honeymoon period ’ in their site's ranking is very good at the outset, but after a few weeks, they settled in the search results are usually much lower rank ... Again, this is a natural The.
If your site has dropped the age and rank, you may need to work harder to get your location. You may need to update your content, more often, you may need to create more backlinks, or you may need to re-consider your SEO strategy. Algorithm of GOOGLE is constantly changing these days, so it is important to find out what they want, go to them. Game system, through the days of black hat techniques coming to an end.
MISTAKE 3 - to write search engine:
This is one of the biggest mistake I have seen and are committed day by day. Administrators are writing terrible content, keyword stuffed robots. Though it in your content so that search engines know what your content is, it is important to have a specific keyword structure, which is very important for you to write the first human visitors. It is said that every 100 words, you should have your keyword once inserted. So, if you have a 1000 words, you put the article 10 times your target keywords. I think this is a good rule of thumb to follow.
Make sure that when you read aloud to your article, it sounds natural, not robots. Always remember, if you insert the key articles are often taken away from the natural flow of the article itself ...... Well, do not do this. Google is being hit really hard SEO optimized website. Always write your goals in the human psyche tourists. 
MISTAKE 4 - Thousands of low quality links:
I can not believe this is still all Google has to make a change. There are thousands of idiots have burst their money, hoping to climb the link in the SERP's website. I offer a free link to my site one day, I tell people to take to run and jump. Various links to have a negative impact on your rankings. It's bloody obvious, Google hates these links, if your business is totally dependent on this strategy, then you play the fool in the game. A solid PR5 backlinks from relevant sites, will be far more than one million links from low-quality, powerful irrelevant crappy websites for good SEO strategy.
MISTAKE 5 - I do not know of nofollow dofollow plugin:
When I first started in this business, I have no idea about these two words. I built a lot of links, one of my first website, it is taking forever to get traction in the SERP. After a little investigation, I found that almost all of my backlinks nofollow is on the page. Needless to say, these links only dofollow plugin links for ranking I need to be effective. I'm not saying that nofollow links, neither was their place. In fact, diversity is important to have your link structure, but you must dofollow plugin link to get the maximum benefit. 
MISTAKE 6 - expect instant results:
I know when I first started online, I expect to make a lot of money very quickly. Boy was I fell back to Earth in the next 6 - 12 months. I almost put the towel on more than one occasion, because it becomes very frustrating for me trying to do this work. After I create a site, the site, and built a hell of a lot of backlinks, wrote hundreds of articles & participated in all the social media sites, but it just did not happen as fast as I was led to believe it would.
Then I realized that no one make money online quickly. They have to put in the hard work. You can speed up the progress, if you are willing to spend some cash and outsourcing a lot of heavy work, but in my experience, I hope to make money online quickly, usually long-term work for you. Failure rate is so high, because people find the hard drive.
MISTAKE 7 - is not the same:
If you are serious about making money online, then you have to be consistent every day, your efforts. This is probably the biggest stumbling block. It was almost me. Work very hard, you can get a specific keyword search engine rankings, but even after the fact, you still have to be consistent with your efforts, or your competitors will replace you quite quickly. Everything you do to your online business has been unanimously. You have to put in their daily work, if you see your results later. To read Jeff Olson's "slight edge" and practice what you have learned.
MISTAKE 8 - do not diversify your link building:
To make your link building look natural, it is important that the reverse obtained from many different sources. From the article directories, such as no reverse elsewhere, do not look natural, and can hurt your rankings. You need to get social media sites, article directories, blog, blog comments, forums, and other diversified link building look natural links and search results can put you ahead of your competitors. A good website will naturally get contact from many websites, not just one or two. Remember Link building should be most important routine in your SEO.
MISTAKE 9- did not get high page rank link:
Every day you do backlinking, you should place it in a high PR site links. Google emphasis on high PR site index than the low PR site links. These links are apparently difficult to get, and this is exactly that. More difficult to get a link, the link is likely to be even more valuable. That is why all these buttons software program that lets you thousands of links are crap. You will not encounter a software program, get a button you quality backlinks. 
MISTAKE 10 - Does not update often enough:
Clearly better quality backlinks pointing to your content, the higher your search engine ranking will be. Then, you will get a lot of free traffic. Although this is the basic approach, everyone used to climb the SERP, there is another way. Google likes regularly updated website. I've set up a website, there are very few back to it, so I have a month to 10,000 visitors from the search engines. The reason is because I regularly updated content. Content is first and last thing for SEO.

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