BOSCH GLM 100 C Rangefinder ; Records Measurements to Phone linked with app , that takes Photo and superimpose numbers on Picture

Laser rangefinders play some extremely helpful and time saving tools.  They allow you to simply measure lengths and distances that might be painfully cumbersome with tape measures [ or bathroom tissue tape measures, lol ] and alternative conventional tools.   The Bosch GLM 100C makes the techie handyman tool even higher, allowing it to interface with a laptop or smartphone where all measurements scan can be auto recorded. 
It gets simpler and simpler.  Take a photo of the jobsite and the numbers will be superimposed directly on the image via the app, providing you with a visible guide to the

measurements you will have for any construction, interior or exterior design, or 3D modeling project.  From there, you can easily use the image with measurements superimposed image for your own work or send it to the rest of the team members for their own reference.
The Bosch GLM 100C will not simply measure lengths, they will also record area,  angles, volume, and multi-surface distances. You can use this tool manually by hand and also can control it remotely from the related  application, allowing you to setup up the device for taking measurements for  hard-to-reach areas or difficult corners.   It can take measurements for distances of up to 330 feet (at 1/16th-inch accuracy), therefore it should handle most common industrial and business applications. features include a inherent tilt sensor (for more correct angle measurements), onboard backlit display, a USB-rechargeable battery,  Bluetooth (for wireless data transfer),  and an optional attachment that turns the device into a 24-inch digital level. This device measures  7.8 x 7.2 x 2 inches, with apps available in  Android, Windows and iOS platforms.
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