iOS 7 Jailbreak Revealed

A group of hackers have released the first jailbreak for iOS 7.


The Evasi0n team announced that it had successfully created an untethered jailbreak for devices running iOS 7.0 through to 7.0.4. The Group have announced the breakthrough on Sunday.

It has taken 3 months for any group of hackers to successfully overcome Apple’s security.
 a group of hackers have released the primary jailbreak for iOS 7.
The bypass means that owners of iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 7.0 will currently access parts of the software system usually locked away.

The jailbreak is said to take simple 5 minutes for installation. It works on each OS X and Windows based computers. The group has also included a step by step guide with the release on the way to install it.

This version of iOS7 jailbreak allows users to reboot the device without needing it to attach it to an external device.

Apple has cautioned against jailbreaking the devices. The Security analysts have long pointed to the locked down nature of iOS as one of the reasons it's not yet had malware eruption.

According to Apple, by Jailbreaking your iphone or other device, you set your phone in danger of shortened battery life, unreliable voice and knowledge usage and disruption of service, aboard the protection problems.

It conjointly mentioned that jailbreaking the device can end in users being unable to use future updates.