Exhibition Asia presents STARTUP Asia 2014, for promoting Startups.

Exhibition Asia

Exhibition Asia is an organization set up to provide a commendable platform for promoting thoughts and ideology, innovation and invention, glamour and creativity….

With a motto of excelling in respective fields of knowledge
and passion, we merge the emerging entrepreneurs to their requirements varying from investors to end users.

We march towards Success with a creative, young, focused bunch of ambitious team, Each of whom come with a profound experience in their respective fields, may it be Creativity, Print media, Advertising, Journalism, Event Management to running successful enterprise.


Introduction - Startup Asia -2014

        Strengthening businesses of every niche and size Startup Asia 2014 first time in Bangalore. We are about getting you connected to the right network and providing you with the right opportunities. Our significant one-stop centre is looking to draw top decision makers, purchasers and industry leaders from all around India. So capitalize in our extensive collection of relevant resources to help your business improve and excel. Gain valuable knowledge and achieve excellence under industries top leaders.
    An amazing array of new exhibitors from diversified industries, each showcasing a wealth of products and services. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, discover the range of investments,
marketing and Brand Expansion opportunities, stay ahead of the competition and grow your business right way at Startup Asia 2014 by Exhibition Asia
  Emerging  Business         
Empowering business is what Startup Asia 2014 is all about.  It is about getting connected to the right networks and positioning your business to the right people, at the right time and in the right location. Startup Asia 2014 takes your business to altogether a new height of success. This is indeed a not - to– be missed opportunity to position your business within the right marketplace and to the right people. Make your mark now. Capitalize on reaching out to your customers and outstand your competitors. Startup Asia 2014 is the ideal marketing and branding strategy to take your Business one step ahead!!
A platform for startups to discover opportunities, exchange ideas and network.
A one-stop marketplace for products and services for SMEs.
An educational forum for sharing, learning, and discovering.
A complete solution for SME marketers to meet business owners directly.
A sourcing market for investors, fund managers and venture capitalists.