Shadow App For Record and Remember Your DREAMS...!

Dream analysis with Jung and Freud It is said that the theory has shown, deep psyche of humans and appear in the dream to see while sleeping. Dreams from various discoveries and inventions that were born are also well known, but in many cases, is what dream would be forgotten as soon as it is happening. For smart phones high-performance alarm app has been developed in order to take advantage of the power of such a dream and SHADOW.

Human is forgotten immediately 95% of the dream seen during sleep. However, many of the development of mankind, which was born from the idea in a dream also are many. Dari ...... fed a spacecraft to Mars performance of supercomputer-class, as are embedded in the microchip of palm size and is now in the good old days, the human race has evolved. Hunter Lee Soik's developer says "is" SHADOW "the app you are going Yakudateyo to record a dream like that". To be able to record recall efficiently dream, you must first shifts slowly to the state of waking up (waking) from the sleeping people in the alarm of step-up. Then, I will display the message, to record app Recall dream. Record is capable of both voice and character. It is also possible to paste the text from the Internet and audio. If the user allows, data is sent to the cloud. By analyzing the big data gathered, plans to make the study of dream seems certain. App development plans iOS version, Android version, the Windows Phone version. that you go with developing sequentially from one application there were many at the time the investment has reached the desired amount. It seems to utilize effectively the development of limited resources.

SHADOW is the alarm clock innovative to me that you do not forget to record such a dream.

You will be able in the alarm of step-up, to transition smoothly to the state of waking from sleep.

Also possible to record the contents of the dream to answer any questions or voice application, and text.

Gradually, pattern is emerging. I can see the thing with the actual situation more accurate, more and extend the life of your.

In the community, it is also possible to touch the contents of the dream that members saw.

Movie was concluded with the words "It's just a dream, but a dream to see together become a reality is a dream to see alone" and words that are spread Yoko Ono work, by John Lennon.

this app hunter's call "Smarter Smart Alarm" is, of crowdfunding site currently Kickstarter Volunteer to invest in. It is divided into five stages $ 8 Invested (about 790 yen) from "Friends Circle" $ 100 (about 9800 yen) to "Platinum Circle", Sumahokaba books and special 3D model of dreams as much as amount of investment increases benefits and will continue to be positive. In addition, we will continue to change until in April 2014 from December 2013, according to the amount of investment also download start time.

The deadline for investment is before 11 minutes 0:00 (Sunday) at noon on November 3 Japan time. SHADOW | Community of Dreamers by Hunter lee Soik - Kickstarter